Dotan Mazor - Software Integrator, Advisor and Lecturer. A certified Lawyer, with a vast background in the Techological and Humane fields.

Experience in the following fields:

- Business and Technological Advisory and Escort. Software Integration and Business adaptation advice and escort.

- Lecturing and tutoring in both the legal and technological fields.

- Working with start-ups, in different stages of the business.

- Linux and Windows working environments. Good connections in the Israeli Open-Source community and professionals.

- Web and Business Software development. Web applications such as CRMs, ERPs, Business Intelligence and Mystery Shopping.

Among the projects I have taken part in:

Checker Software Systems Ltd.- Checker Mystery Shopper is a comprehensive solution for Mystery Shopping companies. The solution is already being implemented worlwide.

CEQM Israel Ltd.- Founder. Providing Mystery Shopping services in Israel, nationwide.

Boaz Raveh Law Firm and Notaries in Israel- Legal services in a variaty of fields: Real Estate from any given aspect, Commercial and Corporate area, Litigation, renown experts in the area of Maritime Law, authorized Arbitrators and Mediators, Notarial services.

Ayalot Israeli Runners Club- The largest Israeli Runners Club. Web advisor.

E-Lock - A lock and key solution for Access Control, including auditing and software control.

And much more...


You can contact me via this on-line contact form, or through my personal Cell phone: